Loving Yourself



On today’s episode we talk about loving yourself and self-care. What does “Loving Yourself”  mean to you? What are each of our struggles when it comes to this… How do we each work on “loving ourselves”? And how can you make small changes to start loving yourself? These are the questions we asked ourselves when we delved into this topic. 

We also added resources that we mentioned in today’s episode (this section contains affiliate & referral links):

Workout at AloMoves 

Calm Meditation and Sleep App

Headspace Meditation App

Getaway (Receive $25 off when you book your first Getaway vacation)

Book to read: Untamed – by Glennon Doyle

5 Minute Journal – A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day

Psychotherapist, Matthias James Barker, LMHCA

I’d also like to put out a little disclaimer that this podcast is purely for entertainment only. Neither I or Christine are professionals. 

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